All Cats love to get high – get them an outdoor cat tree

4-21-14_002-110134731_largeHave you ever noticed how the cats love to perch up in higher places? Most of the times, they occupy the highest shelf on your wall unit or organizer, or the window sill or even the curtain rod. Animal experts believe that instinct is what prompts it to climb at the highest spot in the area so that they are able to look around from a high place. Thus, it is very necessary that domesticated cats are afforded the luxury to be able to climb and this can be easily done by investing in an outdoor cat tree.

For the safety of your feline friend, keep these points in mind:

  1. The cat tree must be constructed from solid wood so that it is tough against all weather conditions and climatic changes;
  2. No exposed metal hardware allowed to be able to avoid any hot or too cold spots; and
  3. Heavyweight construction and sturdy enough to not move if the cats jump with a jerk.



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