Experts Speak – Best Short Term Investment Options For 2015

Short term investments are meant for people who want accessibility to their funds. Riskier than traditional secure long term investment but the trade-off is a known one. The top rated short term investment options in India for 2015 are

  • Indian banks like Kotak offer high interest rates for money kept in Savings account. This varies across banks so you may want to check with yours today.
  • Fixed deposits with smaller durations are available with most banks. FDs offer a good rate of interest and in case of emergencies, withdrawal of the capital can be done with minimal or no penalty.
  • If liquidity and stability are a main criteria then choose a government run investment like Treasury bills.
  • Debentures (specifically NCD) offer rates of interest of as high as 12%
  • FMP mutual funds can multiply your money for tenure of as low as a month.